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Information for authors

We accept only original works that have not been published in any form yet. It is unacceptable to simultaneously send the same manuscript to another journal. The Editorial Office does not return the materials sent and reserves the right to edit and shorten the texts and to create abstracts – which is communicated to the author. At the express request of the author, we can send the PDF proofs of the manuscript, before its publication for author’s final approval before printing. Editors are not responsible for the content of advertising materials.

All research manuscripts are peer-reviewed. Review Procedure, a template for reviewers (in Polish and English) and a list of reviewers can be found on our website.

  1. Manuscript should be sent to the following address:
  • text in DOC and DOCX (Ms Word) format,
  • figures, photos, tables and other graphic files: tiff, jpg (resolution 300), pdf (prepared in print quality).
  1. The manuscript should consist of: introduction, research description, results (with discussion), conclusions, references.
  2. A research article should contain:
  • title, abstract, key words in Polish and English,
  • captions under figures and tables in Polish and English,
  • author’s names, academic degrees and titles, affiliation and ORCID ID as well as author contributions to the publication (Author contribution information should accurately reflect contribution of each author to the work, such as: conceptualisation, hypotheses, methods, protocol etc. used in the preparation of the manuscript,
  • references in alphabetical order with in-text references [x], according to AMA style, i.e.: [x] Name and first letter(s) of author’s first name ; title of article; name of journal; year of publication; journal number; pages of article; DOI identifier,
  • funding information (financial disclosure statement).

4. Together with the manuscript, the authors should send a signed statement on:

– originality of the article,

– copyright,

– ethics of publication including the terms “ghostwriting” and “guest autorship

– availability of funds to cover the costs of publishing the article,

– the contribution of individual authors to the creation of the article.

A sample statement can be found on our website.

    1. The writing of the manuscript and the transfer of copyright is free of charge.
    2. Authors must observe copyright standards, ensuring that all content within the manuscript, including figures,photographs, and tables, either originates from the authors thrmselves or is appropriately cited following citation rules.
    3. Research articles published in INSTAL receive 100 points according to the List of Journals of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education – (17 July 2023 item 29929).
    4. To suport the Open Acces (OA) policy for scientific manuscripts, starting in 2024, authors will incur a publishing fee of PLN 1300 + 23% VAT for articles submitted in Polish and PLN 1000 + 23% VAT for articles submitted in English. The publisher will issue a VAT invoice for these fees.

Procedure for counteracting cases of „ghostwriting” and „guest authorship”


  • ghostwriting – the case when someone made a significant contribution to the publication, without revealing their participation as one of the authors or without mentioning their role in the acknowledgments included in the publication,
  • guest authorship (honorary authorship) – the case when the author’s participation is negligible or did not take place at all, and yet they are the author / co-author of the publication.

The solutions adopted by the Editorial Team of INSTAL are aimed at counteracting the above cases. In accordance with the recommendations of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in the „Guidelines for authors” the Editorial Team requires the authors to specify the contribution of individuals to the publication (including information on the authors’ contribution to: conceptualisation, hypotheses, methods, protocol etc. used in the preparation of the manuscript), with the first author of the manuscript having the primary responsibility.

Ghostwriting and guest authorship are deemed as a manifestation of scientific misconduct. Any identified instances will be exposed, with notifications sent to relevant entities, including author’s employing institutions, scientific societes, associations of scientific editors, and other relevant bodies.

The editors document all forms of scientific misconduct, particularly ethical violations and breaches within the scientific community.

Review Procedure for Scientific Articles Submitted to INSTAL Journal

1. The Editor-in-Chief, guided by the suggestions of Thematic Editors, appoints a minimum of two independent reviewers from the INSTAL revewers’ list.

A) Reviewers and authors must avoid:

    • Direct personal relationships (kinship, legal ties, conflicts),
    • Professional hierarchical relationships,
    • Direct scientific collaborations within the last two years prior to the review’s preparation.

B) The names of the authors and their affiliations are not disclosed to the reviewers,

C) Reviews are performed on the basis of forms, separately for the Polish and English versions of the article. The review forms are published on our website.

2. The reviewers evaluate the manuscript using the review form within the deadline set by the Editor-in-Chief. The review is submitted in writing.

3. Upon a positive review, the manuscript proceeds to the Language Editor and then to the DTP printing house.

4. If revisions are necessary, the manuscript is returned to the Author(s) with a specified deadline for implementation.

5. After addressing the revised article, the Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with Thematic Editors, forwards it to the Language Editor and then to the DTP printing house. If in doubt, the Editor may consult the Reviewers.

6. Manuscripts containing statistical elements are reviewed by the Statistical Editor.

7. The manuscript may not be accepted for publication if it receives a negative evaluation from at least one reviewer or fails to incorporate reviewers’ comments. The final decision rests with the Editor-in-Chief after consultation with the relevant Thematic Editor.

8. The identities of reviewers for individual articles are kept confidential.

Once a year, the journal publishes a list of reviewers in its print version (most often in Issue No. 12).

The list of reviewers is available at

A) The list of reviewers is open.

B) Reviewers can also include: members of the Program Board, Thematic Editors , Statistical Editor, Editor-in-Chief of the INSTAL.