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Information for authors

We accept only original works that have not been published in any form yet. It is unacceptable to simultaneously send the same article to another magazine. The Editorial Office does not return the materials sent and reserves the right to edit and shorten the texts and to make abstracts – which is communicated to the author. At the express request of the author, we can send the text of the article, before its publication, in the form of a pdf for final approval for printing. Editors are not responsible for the content of advertising materials.

The researcher’s submitted articles are peer-reviewed. Regulations, print reviews (in Polish and English) and a list of reviewers can be found on our website.

Articles should be sent to the following address:

  • text in TXT, DOC (Ms Word) format
  • drawings, photos, tables and other such types in files: tif, jpg (resolution 300), pdf (prepared in print quality).

The article should consist of: introduction, research description, results (with discussion), summaries / conclusions, literature list.

The article should contain:

  • title, abstract, key words in Polish and English,
  • captions under drawings and tables in Polish and English,
  • names, scientific and professional degrees, and: the authors’ place of work, contribution of individual authors to the publication (information on who the author is: concepts, assumptions, methods, protocol, etc. used in the preparation of the publication,
  • the positions of the literature used, along with the references in the text [x], according to the rules in force. Citation of articles published in the Institute is welcome,
  • information on the sources of financing of the publication, the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).

Authors receive a contract with the publisher of the INSTAL magazine – Information Center “Installation Technique in Construction” for the transfer of copyrights to the publishing house.

Authors are responsible for observing the copyright – including, the content of the article and the drawings, photographs, tables used in it should be the author’s own output or must be described in accordance with the rules of citation.

Authors from publication in the Institute receive 70 points according to the classification of magazines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education        (1 december 2021r. poz. 29940). .

Procedure for counteracting cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship


  • ghostwriting – the case when someone made a significant contribution to the publication, without revealing their participation, as one of the authors or without mentioning his role in the acknowledgments included in the publication,
  • guest authorship (honorary authorship) – the case when the author’s participation is negligible or did not take place at all, and yet he is the author / co-author of the publication.

The solutions adopted by the editorial team of Instal are aimed at counteracting the above cases. In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the editorial team in the “Guidelines for authors” requires the authors to publish the contribution of individuals to the publication (with information on who the author is: the concept, assumptions, methods, protocol etc. used in the preparation of the publication), with the author reporting the article being the primary responsibility.

The editors explain that ghostwriting and guest authorship are a manifestation of scientific misconduct, and all detected cases will be unmasked, including notifying the relevant entities: institutions employing authors, scientific societies, associations of scientific editors, etc.

The editors document all manifestations of scientific misconduct, especially violations and violations of ethics in force in science.

The procedure of reviewing scientific articles submitted for publication in the monthly INSTAL

1. The Editor-in-Chief, based on the suggestions of the Editorial Editors, appoints at least two independent reviewers from the list of INSTAL reviewers, whereby:

A) In the case of texts created in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers must be affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the author of the work. For the purpose of the review, a form in English (attachment) was prepared.

B) The reviewer and author can not take place:

    • direct personal relationships (kinship, legal relationships, conflict),
    • professional subordination relationships,
    • direct scientific cooperation during the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.

C) The names of the authors and their affiliation are not disclosed to the reviewers.

2. The reviewers, based on the review questionnaire, evaluate the article in the deadline set by the Editor-in-Chief. The review is in writing.

3. In the case of a positive review, the article is directed to the Language Editor and then to the DTP printing house.

4. In case of necessity to make corrections – the article is sent back to the Author / s with a set date of their implementation.

5. The revised article The Editor-in-Chief, after receiving the opinion of the Thematic Editors, addresses the Language Editor and then to the DTP printing house. In case of doubt, he or she reviews the Reviewers.

6. In the case of an article containing elements of a statistical account, it is sent for review by the Statistical Editor.

7. The article may not be accepted for publication after negative evaluation of at least one reviewer or failure to introduce reviewers’ comments. The final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief after consultation with the appropriate Themed Editor.

8. The names of reviewers of particular articles are not disclosed;

Once a year, the journal publishes a list of reviewers in its paper version (most often in No. 12).

The list of reviewers is published on a continuous basis at

A) The list of reviewers is open.

B) Reviewers can also be: member of the Program Board, Editorial Editor, Statistical Editor, Editor-in-Chief of the INSTAL monthly.